Director's Statement


I grew up in New York City but didn’t dance or see dance performed until my late teens.  At some point I became obsessed with Ballet and ballet dancers and studied not only the art form but everything I could learn about it.  In 2010 ODC SF hired our video company Cinematiks to film a 13 week workshop taught by Maria Vegh, the former co-director of the Harkness School.  It turned into a large project which included the creation of an interactive study guide for Ballet on DVD.  Maria talked incessantly about the Harkness Ballet and what it had accomplished in the world of dance.  I looked it up – and there was almost no mention of it in any of my dance history books and yet they had danced at the White House and performed for Princess Grace.  Who was this Harkness Ballet and why has it been left out and forgotten? Research led us back to the days of the Ballet Russe and key characters began to emerge in the worlds of dance, politics, journalism, Broadway, music, visual art and design – characters both living and dead.  Could something so influential just disappear off the face of the earth?  For me the mystery deepened and a story of conflict, jealousy, misogyny and feud started to form.  What happened and what does it mean to artists working today?

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