An American Ballet Story

The Rise & Fall of the Harkness Ballet

Recent News



  • Winter
    • Remote Interviews - NY, NE, PA,
  • Spring
    • interviews in San Francisco Bay Area
    • fundraising event in San Francisco
    • attended IDA/FilmSF event in Berkeley
  • Summer
    • interviews in Los Angeles
    • "A  Kid from Harlem Goes to Paris" is an official selection  at the NATFFF in Los Angeles and Los Vegas
  • Autumn
    • week of interviews & NYPL work in New York City



  • Summer & Fall
    • interviews in San Francisco Bay Area
    • Harkness rehearsal & performance videos acquired from the New York Public Library Performing Arts Archives and other sources
  • June
    • second round of interviews in New York City
    • acquired audio interviews with Rebekah Harkness
  • April
    • interviews in Southern Florida
    • An American Ballet Story  is accepted for sponsorship by the International Documentary Association
  • Spring
    • interviews in San Francisco Bay Area
    • a remote DYI interview kit is created. It is sent out to Harkness people all over the country
  • February
    • interviews in Los Angeles



  • December
    • interview in Cincinnati
    • acquisition of Milton Oleaga photos
    • became administrators of Former Harkness Dancers blog
  • October
    • interviews in  New York City
    • visit to Jerome Robbins Archive at NYPL to view Rebekah Harkness diaries and meet librarians
  • Fall
    • Facebook page is created
    • Website is created

Percussion for Six Men - photo from the collection of Kenn Scalice